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  • Scottish Legal News

    Family law is changing whether we like it or not

    A thoughtful perspective about changes in family law procedures post-Covid from a family lawyer practicing in Scotland. The balance of Zoom court and in-person court in Europe is one of the issues that is currently being discussed. This is similar to the Canadian justice system and it will be interesting to see where the balance ends up in various parts of the world.

  • WBUR

    The complicated path for New Hampshire co-parents who disagree on the COVID vaccine

    What happens when a separated couple has a parenting plan for joint decision making and one parent refuses to have the children vaccinated? In certain cases, an urgent motion to change a parenting plan is necessary. This is a good article about the situation in New Hampshire.

  • Mondaq

    New Service Helps Manage The Financial Costs Of Divorce

    Interesting. A specialized loan tailored for divorcing couples. It sounds good but we would still compare the rates with other lenders just in case. It may be cheaper than a credit card, but reading the repayment terms carefully would be wise.

  • The Age

    Family lawyers brace for influx of post-lockdown separations

    A new 2022 article from Australia on the statistics of recent family law cases and related inquiries of obtaining a divorce or separation.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald

    Rise in vaccination disputes hitting the Family Court

    It was surprising to read that “According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, only about 3 per cent of separated parents use courts as their main pathway to making parenting arrangements. These are predominantly families affected by family violence, child safety concerns and other complex issues.”

    Ontario may also have similar statistics.

  • Regina Leader Post

    Family battles over vaccination becoming more common, say Sask. lawyers

    Vaccinations and parenting time issues discussed in the latest summary relating Covid family law. Some nice take aways for Ontario couples grappling with similar issues.

  • Vancouver Sun

    B.C. judge declines to order COVID travel restrictions in family law case

    This case shows how unpredictable Covid related family law cases can be. Still, it is a bit unusual why the judge in this case did not make a definite ruling.

  • Global News

    ‘Next to nothing’: B.C. dad’s custody of kids dramatically reduced because he’s unvaccinated

    Family law clients may have similar challenges in Ontario if they decide not to get vaccinated. But a judge will likely look at each case carefully and through the lens of the best interests of the child.

  • Law Times

    Family lawyers opposing shift back to in-person for most proceedings launch online petition

    This Law Times articles nicely summarizes the positive reasons why the default should be virtual and not in-person court in the post-Covid era.

  • Globe and Mail

    Couples should discuss the possibilities of a breakup to avert financial destruction

    A stark reminder of the financial consequences of divorce.

  • The New Yorker

    Life Lessons from Laura Wasser, Divorce Lawyer to the Stars

    It’s interesting to read that whether in California, UK or Canada, divorce is divorce and separation is separation. Same people, just different locations and economic classes.

  • CBC

    'I never feel safe': N.S. domestic abuse survivor calls for changes to family court system

    A thorough article on domestic violence and the steps that women need to take at times to try and stay safe.


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