Ontario Family Law Monthly (OFLM)

O.F.L.M. 2023-09

  1. Sep 14 A proposal for the tort of financial abuse in family law David Frenkel, Ainsley Doell
  2. Sep 14 Contact orders and extended family: when will the court intervene? Christina Hinds
  3. Sep 14 Notional disposition costs: what are they good for? Absolutely something. Amruta Ponkshe
  4. Sep 14 Navigating parental alienation in family law: guiding principles, evidence & remedies Samantha Rich

O.F.L.M. 2023-08

  1. Aug 1 Why the Court of Appeal in Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia did not do enough for victims of family violence David Frenkel
  2. Aug 1 Limitation period? Not today! David Tobin
  3. Aug 1 A review of the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress Christina Hinds
  4. Aug 1 A review of seven recent tort decisions of family violence in Canada Samantha Rich

O.F.L.M. 2023-07

  1. Jul 1 Compensatory basis for spousal support – a review and analysis of post-pandemic case law David Frenkel
  2. Jul 1 You get an expert! You get an expert! EVERYONE GETS AN EXPERT! (Thank you Oprah) David Tobin
  3. Jul 1 Back to (Rosen) Basics – the threshold for urgency Christina Hinds
  4. Jul 1 Should a litigant provide the court with relevant information, even if it is not helpful for their case? Amruta Ponkshe
  5. Jul 1 To reduce conflict and tension in family law cases, don’t ask for irrelevant disclosure Samantha Rich

O.F.L.M. 2023-06

  1. Jun 1 The Anderson framework: helpful in Saskatchewan, but in Ontario, we have LeVan David Frenkel
  2. Jun 1 Liar(s), liar(s), pants on fire – credibility revisited David Tobin
  3. Jun 1 Foreign judgments and the defence of public policy: repugnant facts won’t cut it Christina Hinds
  4. Jun 1 Striking the balance on striking a party’s pleadings for non-disclosure Samantha Rich