How To Deal with a High Conflict Co-Parent

How To Deal with a High Conflict Co-Parent

Tips to Deal with a High Conflict Co-Parent when Facing a Custody Battle

Dealing with a high-conflict co-parent/spouse can be emotionally, mentally, and even financially draining. When facing matters of child custody or co-parenting it is crucial that parties/parents set aside their hurt and focus on a resolution. A quicker, less contentious process will be beneficial to your children. This article provides tips to deal with such combative situation during custody battle.

Consequential discussions

People do not always agree on things that were said or what they meant. It is useful to have discussions with the other party via written communication text messages and emails work well. When corresponding with the other party it is important to remember the thee “P”s

  1. Be Polite;
  2. Be Professional; and
  3. Get straight to the Point

Always craft your messages as though a judge is looking over your shoulder, because chances are, any rude communication you have will end up in front of a judge.

Find a support system

Get people you can trust and talk to regarding the situation when things become overwhelming. Instead of reacting to your ex’s comments or actions, speak to someone you trust and people who care about you and are ready to listen to you. As difficult as it may be dealing with your ex, you have the power to choose how you are going to react, set limits, and manage your emotions in order to enjoy life.